What is Scaffold This?

Scaffold This is a Technology Agnostic Rapid Application Development tool for Startups to quickly build their MVP (Minimum Viable Product). So whether you are a seasoned Java, PHP or .NET developer, or some one learning to code, Scaffold This can turn your ideas into beautiful working application in a matter of minutes.

Awesome Designs

We use HTML 5, LESS/CSS 3, Bootstrap to create awesome UI Templates for your application.


We use highly scalable architecture to create world class application based on years of best practices and latest frameworks .

Clean Code Generation

We generate code for your application with same love and care which you would if you would write it with yourself. No cryptic code, no magic, just plain simple code. Once you let the tool know about your application, it generates scaffolding code including Database Script, REST API, Unit Test, HTML, CSS. Essentially every thing you need to develop deploy your application.

No Vendor Lock in

The generated code has no dependency on any of the non standard or proprietary software. You can use the generate code for any purpose, commercial or non commercial. No restrictive license, no fancy library.

Scaffold This is an ideal platform to test your idea with real users.

With Scaffold This you can convert your idea into a working application in a matter of minutes. You can use preview of application to test with real user, all without writing a single line of code.

You can use any of the various UI templates to choose a style which matches your application. You can also choose from various architectures to download generated code

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